Our Mission

Here at Frond we strive to create effortlessly stylish and comfortable apparel for the beach lovers. 

We are a family-owned company located on the Coast of North Carolina, founded by husband-wife duo, Brandon and Savannah. Our clothing is designed for those who live and breathe the slow paced and relaxing beach lifestyle. 

We believe that a happy and healthy world is built at a community level. This is why a portion from every purchase goes to non-profits that help improve the health of our planet and the communities on it.


Why Frond?

A Frond is not only the leaf of a palm tree but a symbol of a happy place for many.

A place where sunshine glows, relaxation is a way of life, and friendly people gather to share good times.

It is also a symbol of strength. A Palm tree’s root system keeps it grounded even during the toughest storm.

It reminds us to stay rooted in our values, stay friendly to others and to live a simple and joyful life!